4 It-Bag brands you should consider purchasing for this summer’19

1st April, 2019

Yeah, we all know luxury brands are flashy and quite a status item to show around on your summer vacations. However, some hot new —and not so wildly expensive— options have started to pop up between Paris, London and, unsurprisingly, Seoul.

They all hail the slow-fashion and top-quality flag, and tap millennials through their favourite platform. Just to say, it’s not a bad idea to consider one of them to put that winter-black-leather-handbag away.

Danse Lente. This London-based brand was launched exclusively on Net a Porter on April 2017 by Korean designer Youngwon Kim, former student of the London College of Fashion. From there, is just sky-rocketed. It’s architectural design, muted colour palette and minimalistic yet unusual shapes, rapidly caught the eye of fashionistas around the world. And yes, I have to say it caught mine too when I discovered the brand at 24 Sèvres site six months ago.

Shrimps. Already on the first-floor display of the new Galeries Lafayette Champes Elysées store (check this post for more), Shrimps is the brand of the British designer Hannah Weiland. Launched in 2013, it initially gained notoriety because of it’s faux fur outwear and accessories, it gained a major spotlight with their Pearl Handbag. It has been trending since mid 2018, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Rejina Pyo. This London based-brand —with an open showroom in Seoul— is also founded by a young Korean designer. Pyo graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in 2011, started working straight away for Roksanda Ilincic and, three years after, founded her own brand. An influencer’s big time favourite, Rejina Pyo’s clothes are mostly popular because they are real fashionably and functional clothes for… real life women. On these days, it’s highly appreciated.

Amelie Pichard. She’s Parisian, she has a shoe brand, she made a collaboration with Pamela Anderson and has a very particular sense of humour. All of those things made me interested on Amelie Pichard, and particularly on her way to communicate and present her brand. Just when it seems everyone is taking fashion so seriously, the ‘Pichardisation’ —as she calls her vision— is like a wind of fresh air. Featuring vegan shoes and handbags with a wink of extravaganza, it is definitely a long-run fashion favourite.

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