French bloggers landing their own stores: Make my Lemonade

26th October, 2018

Last week I visited the Make my Lemonade store, the creation of French blogger Lisa Gachet, and a temple for the DIY style enthusiasts.

The highly Instagrammable store is located on the 61 Quai de Valmy, on the 10th district of Paris (although Google Maps may indicated Rue Faubourg Saint-Denis), and it gives  solid answer to those who don’ quite understand the power of building a brand through social media. Lisa Gachet created Make my Lemonade as a space to share all her DIY tricks and tips, besides style and art inspiration. Her freshness and charisma brought her a handful of loyal followers that has only grow bigger with time. She runs today the brand Wear Lemonade, which she founded from the foundations of her blog.

The space is cozy and playful, and it invites you to discover the product assortment on both sides of the main space. Between a fresh sense of humour and a colorful version of the Parisian style, are Make my Lemonade is a retail playground ready to offer a shopping experience to a wide range of customers.

Personally, I think the clothing line, Wear Lemonade, is particularly youthful with a touch of vintage, but not exactly my cup of tea. On the other side, the animal-print notebooks and fun boob-shaped vase caught immediately my attention and made me realise that the atmosphere of the store really invites customers to interact with it in every way possible. And why not? Post some pictures and spread the word of mouth.

Note: When I went to the store there must have been at least five bloggers, with their photographers, strolling between the racks and heading towards the back of the store towards a cozy and very well designed Café. However, even if the design of the Café was nice and well-thought, it felt a bit suffocating due to the fact there was no ventilation and the windows weren’t transparent, which didn’t allowed much light to get through. Probably cozy on wintertime, it could pose some problems on hot summer days.

I can sum up my visit to the Make my Lemonade store as entertaining, because of the display and product assortment; interesting, as for the conception of the DIY atelier they have in the back of the store, where you can even choose your favourite fabric to make a skirt or dress you want; and thoughtful, because just before the entrance of the Café, you got kinda of a Sale space that offers the previous collections with lower tags prices, so nothing goes to waste.

Overall, it’s enlightening for me to see the projects that French bloggers and digital entrepreneurs have landed into the physical retail realm. Coming from Peru, and having the know-how of Peruvian and Latin American bloggers that have build up projects and companies from what started as a hobby, is interesting to draw a parallel between how the digital fashion projects are evolving around the world. Literally, from both sides of the Atlantic. But this topic is a whole conversation and it deserves it’s own post.

Meanwhile, I leave you the Make my Lemonade info for you ti visit if you hit Paris anytime soon.

Address: 61 Quai de Valmy, 75010, Paris 

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