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Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées: the new hot spot in Paris?

30th March, 2019

Taking the spot left by the Virgin Megastore, Galeries Lafayette has finally revealed their new venue at 60 Avenue des Champs Elysées, just the most famous avenue of a city that receives in average 17.95 million visitors from all around the world.

If the Boulevard Haussmann store was a symbol of classic luxury Parisian shopping destination —with its beautiful soft golden light pouring from the stained glass ceiling—, the Champs Elysées venue brings Galeries Lafayette closer to a younger audience, with striking glass-walls flooding the space with sharp daylight and swiping away any shyness. In addition, a carefully curated selection of young brands are placed in a way that breaks the traditional ‘luxury-brands-go-on-the-first-floor’ structure that almost every department store in Paris has.

The star of this Champs Elysées store opening is the young designer Jacquemus. He opened, in collaboration with group Kaspia, Citron, a café-restaurant on the first floor that brings some spring vibes and south of France (of course…) ambiance to the venue. Moreover, a human-size installation of Le Chiquito in ocre, one of Jacquemus signature handbags, is displayed at the back of the restaurant. Needless to say, social-media has exploded from selfies and group pictures with it.

So, retail-wise, what are the innovations on this Galeries Lafayette store? The luminous display that presents more than 650 brands is not divided by genre, so forget about the womenswear and menswear areas on different floors, and the brands are grouped by style and trend, which makes the discovery easier and more natural to the customer.

While taking this images around the store, comments from customers oscillated between “It’s looks more like a concept store, kinda makes me think of Colette, but in XL” and “It’s a millennial store!”, while groups of influencers and fashion enthusiasts tried to take pictures with the striking daylight and modern display.

Honestly, the luxury section felt slightly relegated and not innovative at all. Compared to the first-floor brand selection and display, it dropped a bit flat. Moreover, the younger audience that imposed their presence on the first days of opening was immediately hooked with the street wear-sportswear section that featured designs of Heron Preston, Off-White and Nike.

All and all, Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées has managed to create a lifestyle à la française universe that allures both, tourist and Parisian audiences. A hot spot from the start.

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