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Hermès launches its first rouge à lèvres: will it be the Birkin of lipsticks?

3rd March, 2020

For the first time in 183 years of history, the French Luxury giant dives into the Beauty with their first rouge à lèvres.

Hermès does things on their own pace and rhythm. It is the foundation of their luxury philosophy, deeply rooted into the high-class-heritage as a legacy maison for quite an aristocratic sport: horse-riding. After 2 years of product development and nearly a decade and a half of pondering on the idea, they finally unveiled their new métier.

When they do something, they give it a good thought. And even if the beauty sector represents a relevant part of the luxury market today – brands such as Dior, Chanel, YSL and Armani Beauty have builded solid numbers based on it –, Hermès did not jumped straight into the pool. Instead, they figured out their own style to do dive into it. Elegantly of course.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 4th March, Hermès launches their first rouge à lèvres collection. 24 colours, 10 matte and 14 satins, in a timeless packaging and a highly-pigmented formula.

Created by Pierre Hardy, who is also in charge of the brands shoes department, the lipstick collection will retail at 62 euros, or 67 USD. Each case is presented in black, white, and minimalistic golden design, with the logo of the brand engraved into the golden cap. Each lipstick is refillable – crucial in these sustainable times —, and there will be a small capsule collection each season of 3 colours each.

And what about the colours? The brand decided to enhance their leather heritage by reproducing all-time classics like ‘Rouge Casaque, ‘Rouge H’ and ‘Orange boîte’. Dropping at the same time is also the Spring-Summer 2020 Totem collection of lipsticks that will offer 3 limited-edition shades. There’s Rose Inouï (a bold rose with a matte finish), Violet Insensé (a vibrant plum-coloured orchid), and Corail Fou (a joyful tangerine).

A line of small leather accessories is also arriving on March to complement this beauty experience. Think a lip case with an integrated mirror, a pop-up lipstick case, and a moon-shaped mirror on a cord – all of which are created in Madame calfskin and available in 3 shades (Rouge PimentRouge H and Gold) to complete the makeup ritual.

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