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How French influencer Hera Pradel breaks the clichés of Parisian style

21st November, 2019


Hera Pradel stands out of the crowd. She is one of those influencers who just deserves more attention, bigger collaborations and –even more–followers. The 24-year old Parisian-based social media superstar has been featured in Glossier beauty campaign, Savage x Fenty photo shootings and numerous luxury brand collaborations. But how does she stands out of the crowd of the ‘Parisian girl’ cliché? Here, she tells us all about it.

Instagram @herapradel
Instagram @herapradel

1. What motivated you to share your outfits&style on social media? 

At first I had only my friends and people I know following me on instagram. I was posting picture for fun because I just love taking pictures. The only motivation I had was having fun and sharing. Then it got bigger but I didn’t made things on purpose.

2. How would you describe your current fashion style today? 

I would say its a « meet me in the middle » style. Both feminine and boyish. I love to be conformable so it’s the first thing I’m thinking of when it comes to my style. I love loose fits for both pants and tops. 

3. What are the aesthetics that inspire you the most? 

Regarding inspirations, I get inspired but literally everything. Not an aesthetic in particular. I get inspired by my friends, the music I listen, the movies I’m watching, everything. I see the whole world like a huge moodboard.

Savage x Fenty campaign

4. You have a very distinctive look and don’t look like the Parisian cliché at all. What do you think about this image of the Parisienne today? 

I think that « Parisienne Look » still exist, a lot of girls love to dress like this and they look really chic. I just think that nowadays the parisienne got different. Some of us stayed classic, but there’s also a lot of us that love more streetwear looks, and a lot of others things. There is way more styles in Paris than just this lovely cliché !

5. What brands do you find interesting today and why? (could be luxury, massage, premium, streetwear, beauty, etc)

Firstly I would say Awake clothing. I love every pieces they make and I’m a bit sad that they don’t have a store in Paris. Then I would say Kitesy Martin bijoux, Kitesy is a creative that make new jewellery with an up cycling process and I found this initiative really cool! 

6. Do you consider yourself an influencer today? As a serious project and full-time dedication job? 

Yes. I don’t really like this word because here in France I feel like people don’t really approuve those new digitals careers. But I’m proud of what I am doing. It’s been my full time job for more than a year now.

Instagram @herapradel
Instagram @herapradel
Instagram @herapradel

7. How did you landed the beauty campaign for Glossier in Paris? Do you consider this project as a pivotal point in your influencer career? 

The glossier team was sending me products for me to try for a few months, all the team as been lovely with me since the beginning and one day they just send me an email to ask me to participate on this adventure with them. It was last year but I remember it as if it was yesterday! This project wasn’t a pivotal point in my influencer career because I was already doing this. It was just a big achievement!

8. What are the Instagram accounts you find inspiring right now? 

I don’t really stay a lot on Instagram to find inspiration. Most of the time I’m only here for funny memes and astrological posts ahah

9. A word of advice for young girls that are in the search of their own style.

You do you.

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