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#InParis: Juny Breeze and a modern French girl style

12th October, 2020

A quick scroll through Juny Breeze Instagram will make us dream about having a chic and effortless Parisian style. No doubt about it. However, this 28-year old French-Egyptian-Moroccan beauty is way more than just her perfectly styled jeans, fabulous eyelashes and feminine looks.

Juny for Vogue Paris

Juny Breeze is one of the star-newcomers on the Instagram French fashion scene. With a solid audience of 89,9k followers, the young vintage-online boutique owner is making a new generation dream with her magnetic Mediterranean vibes, flattering outfits and Parisian picture-perfect lifestyle. However, Juny is way more than just a pretty face: she’s got a fine-eye for vintage clothing (and has made a business out of it), a Finance degree under her belt, and some strong opinions on how France could embrace even more cultural diversity, specially in today’s globalised world. “For Paris & some other big French cities, people have no problem understanding I’m a Parisian with Moroccan and Egyptian roots. But for some other people in the country, this idea is still a bit hard to acknowledge”.

But let’s go step by step. How did it all started? Juny did some pictures for the American Digital-Native beauty brand Glossier, before their launch in Paris on 2019. This put her on the fashion-scene radar, and since then things just kept coming for this young beauté. On March, she decided to quit her Financial-related job to devote full-time to her digital fashion projects and brand collaborations.

So, is what is the secret for a young digital-talent to thrive in Paris? Juny shares a big solar smile before replying: “I just share what I really like. Not the latest trends or whatever everyone is wearing. I think beautiful pieces are meant to last and that is how I make the selection for my online boutique”.

We are talking over some hot chocolate and coffee in Le Marais neighbourhood, when her phone starts ringing. It’s her brother, who assists her with the arrival of new pieces for her boutique. I’m amazed on how softly she speaks, and how her chicness won’t move an inch while managing the new arrivals of her brand on a Sunday afternoon. She elegantly sips some infused specialty-coffee and we head towards Hôtel-de-Ville for some pictures to illustrate this article.

There is France and the rest of the world. Even in social events, sometimes French people can ignore you even if you are standing right in front of them. We have our own way to getting to know others.” says Juny, while her wavy hair and perfect features make some faces turn in the busy streets of Le Marais. She poses, twirls her hair and softly changes her body posture, for then to discreetly disappear into the Parisian dusk.

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