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Neutrals for spring/summer 2020

21st May, 2020

Trends come and go, and there seems to be a tsunami of fashion trends swamping social media platforms these days, particularly Instagram. Being aware of this saturation of information into becoming more and more conscious about the choices we make when we shop for something we feel will be a long-term asset in our wardrobe. I have to be honest, for I have been a victim of impulsive buying in the past, but today, I feel my choices are taken in a more calm and reflective way. This is mainly being driven by three factors: the first, space in Paris is quite limited. The second, I came to fully appreciate the power and elegance of neutral and statement pieces.

Camel one-shoulder dress – Classy style for brunch with friends

Moving from Lima, Peru, to Paris, France. Was a big change in many ways. One of the most obvious for me, as a person working in fashion, was the super limited wardrobe space — if you are lucky enough to have one. One of the big charms of Paris when you are a tourist is the narrowness of Parisian terraces, the small coffees and charming little pastries, and the feeling that you enter different universes from one tiny store to the other. But when you live here, this smallness can become easily annoying, specially if you are used to wide living spaces, like I was. Long story short, in almost 3 years of living in Paris I have lived in 5 different places. Every move meant carrying the very basics of my belongings, which becomes a Marie-Kondo-activity every time you pack your things to get into the van. In that spirit, and it is easy to understand why, a basic and versatile closet became more and more of a priority for me.

Little Black Dress – Girls night’s out
Black velvet polka-dot sheer sleeve top – casual summer night look
White draped dress – summer sunset vibes

Living in Paris has also influenced my approach to a more timeless and elegant. I mean, lets be honest: you can never go wrong with good old classics. This does not mean you should live in a suit and act snob in order to chic — even if some foreigners that try to adopt the Parisian style do it often. For me, it is more about picking what works best from this French approach of fashion and balancing it with my own latina style. I like a pinch of sexiness in my outfits, not explicit nor vulgar, but confident. And I like the simplicity and elegance of a Black Little Dress, a camel one-shoulder dress or a casual black velvet sheer polka-dot top. Plus, now that summer is coming, a white draped dress fits perfectly some drinks with warm sunset vibes. They grab your attention, but strikes a sober balance with the silhouettes.

Finally, I think that there is something about minimal and neutral looks that present yourself in a stylish way, and at the same time, don’t steal the show from what’s really important: you. Your personality, your opinion on things, your conversation and what you have to bring to the table. I found that one mistake I used to make quite often when I was younger was flashing many things at the same time: the look, the bag, the make up, the shoes. It was all a bit too much, not properly calibrated. It is all about striking a balance, which is actually the hardest thing to do. Going to the extremes is quite easy, but choosing a single piece that becomes the main character in your look and does not come out as too-much, that is not an obvious one.

By the way, I got to give credit to the LA-stylist that has been inspiring me lately, Monica Rose. I have been following her for a while, and for those who don’t know her, he basically created the minimal-neutral looks of Kim Kardashian and a whole bunch of A-list Hollywood celebrities. That is why when I saw this pieces at Femme Luxe, I got excited and ready to choose some precise pieces for this spring summer 2020 season. Let me know what trends have you spotted for this warm season around the corner.

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