Paris: The Cost of Living in the City of Lights

26th February, 2018

Photo: @WeSprinkle

This may be one of the most frequent asked questions these last months. How much does it cost to live in Paris? The city of Lights, of Love, of Ratatouille and of tiny tables at lovely terraces.

Disclaimer: this is a post based on a student budget. I actually planned my finances a year before moving to Paris, and I’m costing it all by myself, except from some parental sponsorship for my studies, but we’ll get to this in a second.

So, the monthly breakdown can vary a lot depending on which neighbourhood you live, if you use public transport, if you want to go out and have dinner with friends and some regular partying. But in general, it gets down to this:

Paris per month (1 person)

  • Rent (small studio/room in a flat on a nice area): Between €800 – €1200
  • Groceries: €170
  • Mobile: €25 (depending on which company you use)
  • Metro: €70 (if you get a monthly Navigo).
  • A coffee in a terrase: €3
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant (for instance, Manko): €60
  • Dinner at a regular restaurant: €35
  • Formule déjeuner (lunch menu): €15
  • Entry to the Louvre: €15
  • Bottle of wine at grocery store: From €5 to €15
  • Cocktail at a bar: From €12 to €18
  • Croissant at a local bakery shop: €1
  • Cashmere sweater from Uniqlo: €70
  • Haircut (for girls): Around €30/40
  • Visit to the doctor: From €40 to €60 (Social security refunds may apply)
  • Gym membership: Around €60
  • Uber rides: €7 for short trips, up to €20 for long trips on rush hour

All to say, it can be kinda tricky to live inside of Paris for less than €2000 a month. Possible, of course. If you really tighten your belt, let’s say €1800. But unless you get help from the french state, a university program or parental sponsorship, quite hard.

For girls, an honest tip: beauty is really expensive here. Meaning haircuts, nails, spa treatments and etc. If you come from Latin America it may be part of your weekly routine, but that will change drastically if you come to Paris, and specially if you are on a budget. That’s also part of the reason why french beauty is consider ‘so natural’. High production on make up and hair isn’t a thing, though skincare and haircare are. But we will talk about this on a next post.

Regarding the cost of Master programs, it depends on the academic institution you apply to. If it’s a public university or a private school, mainly. At Istituto Marangoni, for the Luxury Brand Management i’m doing, the cost is approx €30,000. Once again, don’t take this pricing as definitive. Get informed at your University/School, local embassy and get some basics in french before arriving to the City of Lights.

If you are interested in the Istituto Marangoni Master, of bachelor’s program at other Italian fashion schools such as Polimoda or SDA Bocconi, you can contact Paula Gunther from Key Education (in Peru) for more information:

Make your application with time (year in advance or so) and get your mindset ready to live one of the most beautiful experiences in life. It may sound cliche, but one can truly fall in love with Paris.

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