The ‘Yes to All’ way of live

24th November, 2018

This is not about saying “yes” to every request people ask you.

This is about saying “yes” to the opportunities life itself constantly offers you. Specially “yes” to the situations your guts tells you to dive in. And even though there is no science in the world able to tell how we develop this sort of instinct, it is undeniable that we all gravitate towards things that resonates with us in a deeper level. And the more heartfelt, the better.

I know I’m starting with article with a bit of an abstract mind, but if you follow me on Instagram, you must know my levels of joyfulness and self awareness of my own skills are particularly high today. I just finished my Master dissertation to graduate the Fashion Luxury Management program that brought me to Paris more than a year ago, and just when I was doing the final proof-reading of the project in which I invested the most this last two years, I kept reminding myself all the steps that brought me here and now. Unsurprisingly, they came from an inner “yes” that was lingering inside me since 2015, when I did my first press trip as a fashion blogger to Stockholm, Sweden.

This “yes” state-of-mind came from this unexplainable yet beautiful impulse we all have at some points on our lives: chasing a life changing experience. I was born and raised in Lima, Perú, a city that today is starting to shine bright in the region, bursting with new ideas and a bit of chaotic yet effective entrepreneurship. And Lima could be the most innovative and cosmopolitan city in the world, but it could not offer me what I wanted the most: a new challenge.

I realised that when I decided to move to Paris, I started saying “yes” to things I would have never considered before. Yes to living in a shared space with roommates, yes to having to make considerable efforts to adapt to a new culture and ways of thinking, yes to questioning my ego and, even if I didn’t consider this at the beginning, yes to opening myself to someone special and starting to share my life in a way I never did before.

You probably know me as a fashion blogger, an influencer, or whatever title is fashionable nowadays. But I’m just here to tell you that, because you are alive, the chance to change your life is possible at any fucking moment.

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