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What about this new Influencer trend style: Lavish Elegance

28th March, 2020

There is a super classy and extremely elegant trend building up since last year amongst European influencers and digital creators. Personally, I like to call it “Lavish Elegance“. And it’s quite simple: a fresh and sexy silhouette, delicately wrapped in classic and yet trendy pieces.

It is my impression that this spirit is a reaction to the uber explicit and sportswear-based trend that is aggressively endorsed by mostly, American tv celebrities such as the Kardashians, and brands that replicate their styles to put out short-life fashion collaborations. To be more specific, Fashion Nova.

The market, and particularly the online fashion market powered by social media platforms such as Instagram, are swamping with these style codes. Nonetheless, there is a group of young influencers and digital content-creators that are getting notorious success from reinventing a nostalgic, classy and chic vibe throughout their work.

This is my Top 5 selection of inspirational accounts and highly creative ladies that are turning heads with their unique, sensual and high-caliber vision of fashion and beauty. Feel free to take a look and follow if you are feeling lavishly elegant lately.

Paola Cossentino (paola_cossentino)

Victoria Misu (@victoriamisu)

Amy Julliette Lefevre (@lefevrediary)

Fiona Zanetti (@fionazanetti)

Arina Rogozina (@rogozinaa)

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