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When in Paris, keep it simple

20th November, 2018

One of the things that stroke me the most about Parisian style was the apparent symplicity of it all.

Photography @laureen_gazio

You know what I mean. Wearing blue, black, grey almost everyday. Lots of scarves, a touch of rouge on the lips and carefully messy hair.  You know, it sounds simple, but it actually isn’t. While it is true that Paris is the land of “less is more”, when it comes to style, this “less” relies on two things as far as I am concerned, after living here for a bit more than a year: good tailoring and quality accessories.

When it comes to good tailoring, French people have the eye of an eagle. They can spot if your new blazer is a few centimetres too tight on the shoulders, or if those suit pants are brand new and haven’t been tailored yet. But that doesn’t mean that they wear every piece of clothing as a second skin. French are completely fine with a loose-fit in a long coat, or some baggy pants that were meant to be baggy from the start. Just to say: it doesn’t matter which fit you prefer the most, just be sure that you get it properly done.

For brands go to my Instagram post on this look

Paris may be the capital of luxury and haute couture. Dior, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, you name it. But when it comes to everyday life, be sure that French people do wear fast-fashion. Of course they would rather not to, and they probably won’t admit it in front of a group of friends, but that’s alright. It’s not the most socially sustainable way of shopping –and of course everyone has seen The True Cost at this point–, but I have had a really hard time finding someone that doesn’t shop in Zara at least once every six months, for the occasional trendy item that would cost a mini fortune if you bought it at any big luxury house at rue Faubourg Saint Honoré. But when it comes to accessories, French people don’t mess around. Earrings, bags and shoes, those are the categories they know it’s worth spending some euros.


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