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Style: How I found my own balance between two cultures

19th October, 2019

I always talk loud and proud about Latin American fashion. Of course, Peru is usually my start point, but I quickly start introducing the styles and brands that are so unique around the continent. From Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, México and Ecuador – just to name some of them.

Fotografía: Lina Velasquez (@linavel)

After two years living in Paris, I can honestly say that I’ve found a mix between my latina style preferences and this tailored European attitude, particularly present in French fashion. I feel comfortable being obviously sexy, but also get a confident feeling when I’m wearing an outfit that doesn’t show an inch of skin.

Coming from a Latin American country, where the image of women is quite sexy, where people wear less clothes, love going to the beach and are very much into this ‘fitness’ vibe, my first encounter with daily French fashion was a bit harsh. Even today I still confuse girls and boys when walking through the streets of Paris. I’ve said Madame to many Monsieurs. I have stare –a bit rudely– at some waiters because I honestly couldn’t figure out if they were men or women .

And I think it’s amazing.

I love this uniqueness in French style, which people actually recognise and praise. Like graceful wrinkles and grey hair in women, or big noses and super slim pants in men (this is a very French feature, in my opinion). And it honestly looks wonderful when accepted and assumed, rather than looking ‘perfect’.

And yes. I love dogs.

Just in case you are new to this blog: My name is Adriana, I come from Lima, Peru, but I live in Paris, France. My thing: I always try to see the beauty in everything.

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